WWE All Stars JP Trophy List

All trophies awarded All trophies awarded
Obtain all trophies.
The New Generation The New Generation
Defeat a Legend with a Superstar.
Showing Them How It's Done Showing Them How It’s Done
Defeat a Superstar with a Legend.
Facing the Deadman Facing the Deadman
Complete the Legends Path of Champions with any Superstar.
The Apex Predator The Apex Predator
Complete the Superstars Path of Champions with any Superstar.
Breaking the Rules Breaking the Rules
Complete the Tag Team Path of Champions with any Superstars.
Rising Star Rising Star
Complete any Path of Champions with a created Superstar.
Old School Old School
Complete all Fantasy Warfare matches as a WWE Legend.
Legend Killer Legend Killer
Complete all Fantasy Warfare matches as a WWE Superstar.
The Next WWE Superstar The Next WWE Superstar
Make a created Superstar.
Reversal of Fortune Reversal of Fortune
Perform at least 5 grapple reversals during a match.
Chain Gang Chain Gang
Perform a combo at least 5 moves in length.
Dominating Dominating
Win a match against the CPU without losing any health.
Layeth the Smacketh Down! Layeth the Smacketh Down!
Win a match in under 2 minutes.
Five Moves of Doom Five Moves of Doom
Execute five signature moves in a single match.
Running Wild Running Wild
Perform 50 successful finishers in any mode over the course of the game.
Born to Fly Born to Fly
Perform 10 successful regular aerial moves in a single match.
Punch Drunk Punch Drunk
Land at least 100 strikes in a single match in any mode.
Five Star Rating Five Star Rating
Achieve a five star rating in any category while facing the CPU.
Mark of Excellence Mark of Excellence
Earn a gold medal in any match type while facing the CPU.
Make Them Humble Make Them Humble
Win 25 matches by knockout.
Man of 1000 Holds Man of 1000 Holds
Win a match without using any strikes.
Slobberknocker Slobberknocker
Win a match without using any grapples.
Over the Top Over the Top
Win a Steel Cage match.
In the Spotlight In the Spotlight
Win an online match.
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing
Win a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match.
He's Got a Chair! He’s Got a Chair!
Land at least 10 successful strikes with an object in a single match.
Beating the Odds Beating the Odds
Win a Handicap match.
Totally Extreme! Totally Extreme!
Win an Extreme Rules match.
The Champ is Here! The Champ is Here!
Complete all three Path of Champions as John Cena.
The King of Kings The King of Kings
Defeat the entire WWE All Stars roster as Triple H.
The Ultimate Achievement The Ultimate Achievement
Defeat the entire Roster and all three Path of Champions as The Ultimate Warrior.
The Bottom Line The Bottom Line
Defeat the entire WWE All Stars roster with a single created Superstar.
Enhancement Talent Enhancement Talent
Win 10 online matches.
Mid Carder Mid Carder
Win 25 online matches.
Main Eventer Main Eventer
Win 50 online matches.
You Can't See Me! You Can’t See Me!
Win 10 consecutive online matches.
The New Face of Cyberspace The New Face of Cyberspace
Defeat a created Superstar in an online match with your own created Superstar.
Suck It Suck It
Win a Tornado Tag Team match as Triple H and Shawn Michaels.
Mega Powers Mega Powers
Win a Tornado Tag Team match as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.
Comeback of the Year Comeback of the Year
Win a match when your Superstar is at zero health.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
I'm Your Papi! I’m Your Papi!
Defeat Rey Mysterio in a Steel Cage match as Eddie Guerrero.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
The Pride of Scotland The Pride of Scotland
Win a Tornado Tag Team match as Roddy Piper and Drew McIntyre.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Booyaka Booyaka Booyaka Booyaka
Defeat Andre the Giant and Big Show in a Handicap Match as Rey Mysterio.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Winner by Default Winner by Default
Win an online match due to opponent’s disqualification.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Attitude Problem Attitude Problem
Get disqualified in three consecutive matches in any mode.