WWE 2K17 Trophy List

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Earn all trophies.
WWE Universe - Win a WrestleMania match between Undertaker and Sting. (Single play)
WWE Universe - Win Money in the Bank using a custom Superstar. (Single play)
WWE Universe - Play and win 50 matches.
WWE Universe - Win the Royal Rumble and get the WWE World HW Championship at WrestleMania.
Reverse a curb stomp with the RKO catch Finisher. (Single play)
Successfully reverse a Finisher. (Single play)
Successfully perform a comeback move. (Single play)
Perform a catch Finisher. (Single play)
Use a wake-up taunt, land a Finisher, and immediately pin your opponent. (Single play)
Attack every body part at least once using the limb targeting system. (Single play/Exhibition)
Crawl to the ropes during a submission. (Single play)
Put your opponent through the announce table via OMG! moment. (Single play/Exhibition)
Win at least 20 matches on Hard difficulty or higher in Universe or Exhibition. (Single play)
Eliminate 12 opponents with the same Superstar in a single Royal Rumble match. (Single play)
Win in 20 match variations. (Single play)
Complete a match with 50 different Superstars. (Single play)
Win 10 times using a custom Superstar. (Single play)
Make an opponent tap out with a submission that is not a Finisher or Signature move. (Single Play)
With Lesnar, execute "German Suplex 4" or "Back Suplex 2" 10 times in a single match. (Single play)
Destroy 2 announce tables within a single match. (Single play)
Play a match using a custom arena. (Single play)
Create a custom Superstar that uses a Superstar head.
Play 100 matches online. (Ranked matches)
Win 1 match by pinfall against Brock Lesnar with difficulty : Legend.
Win 1 match with AJ Styles. (PLAY mode against A.I.)
Win 1 match each with Charlotte and Ric Flair. (PLAY mode against A.I.)
Win 1 match each with Natalya and Bret Hart. (PLAY mode against A.I.)
Perform a comeback move successfully and win. (PLAY mode against A.I.)
WWE Universe - Win tag team championship with your original tag team.
Perform Suplex city with Brock Lesnar and win that match. (PLAY mode against A.I.)