Worms W.M.D Trophy List

Worms Master Diploma Worms Master Diploma
Congratulations, you've earned the Worms Master Diploma!
Recruitment Drive Recruitment Drive
Complete Navigation Training
Training Day Training Day
Complete all the basic Training levels
Specialist Forces Qualified Specialist Forces Qualified
Gain a Gold Medal on all Training levels.
Grave Digger Grave Digger
Kill 500 Worms.
Passing Out Parade Passing Out Parade
Complete all Training levels.
That Camp was no Pain That Camp was no Pain
Complete the Campaign.
You Crafty Devil You Crafty Devil
Craft 30 weapons across all game modes.
Do It Yourself! Do It Yourself!
Craft every weapon in the game.
You're so Pushy You're so Pushy
Kill 20 Worms with Prod.
Bleating Ranker Bleating Ranker
Reach Sheep Rank.
No Challenge at all No Challenge at all
Complete all Challenges.
Call that a Challenge! Call that a Challenge!
Complete 5 Challenges.
Halfway House Halfway House
Complete 15 Campaign Missions.
Tanks A Lot Buddy Tanks A Lot Buddy
Get 80 kills in a Tank.
Mech me Proud Mech me Proud
Get 80 kills in a Mech.
Roto Boating Roto Boating
Get 80 kills in a Helicopter.
Mount Killmore Mount Killmore
Get 40 kills using a Mounted Gun.
Bottom Rung Bottom Rung
Play a Ranked Match.
Online Warrior Online Warrior
Play 50 Online Multiplayer Games.
I'm Your Father! I'm Your Father!
Win an online multiplayer match in Sudden Death.
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Win 3 Online games in a row.
The Worm that Turned The Worm that Turned
Kill 4 Worms in a Single Turn.
I built this city I built this city
Win an Online game with all Worms in Buildings.
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted
Collect a Wanted Poster.
Sub Standard Sub Standard
Complete 40 Sub Goals.
Billy No Mates Billy No Mates
Complete all the Sub Goals.
Sweat Shop Sweat Shop
Unlock all the Customisation Items.
Gym Membership Gym Membership
Finish a game with a worm on more health than it started with.
Full of Swag Full of Swag
Fully customise a team of Worms using unlocked customisations.