Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs Trophy List

Collectosaurus Collectosaurus
Collect all the trophies
Walked With Dinosaurs Walked With Dinosaurs
Finish the game
Palaeontologist Palaeontologist
Earn 25 gold medals
Movie Stars Met Movie Stars Met
Learn about the Walking with Dinosaurs movie characters
New King on the Block New King on the Block
Finish chapter 5
Fortress Intact Fortress Intact
Complete chapter 4
Swamps Conquered Swamps Conquered
Complete chapter 3
Titans Marched Titans Marched
Complete chapter 2
Exodus Exercised Exodus Exercised
Complete chapter 1
Gold Medallist Gold Medallist
Win gold medals for every game
All the Right Moves All the Right Moves
Attract 10 mates
Eat My Dust Eat My Dust
Win 10 chase games perfectly
Battle Expert Battle Expert
Win 10 dinosaur fights flawlessly
Warmonger Warmonger
Win 25 dinosaur fights
Quiz Master Quiz Master
Get full marks in all the quizzes
Dino Expert Dino Expert
Find all the fact cards in the game
Fact Finder Fact Finder
Find all the cards in chapter 1
Thorough Thorough
Find a full series of fact cards
Full Deck Full Deck
Find all the cards in chapter 3
Botanist Botanist
Identify a plant
X-Ray Expert X-Ray Expert
Complete all X-ray pages
Card Collector Card Collector
Find all the cards in chapter 2
Dino Hunter Dino Hunter
Find all the cards in chapter 4
Complete Set Complete Set
Find all the cards in chapter 5
Look to the Skies Look to the Skies
Learn about meteors
Leader of the Pack Leader of the Pack
Escape the Tarbosaurus
Kingly Pursuits Kingly Pursuits
Escape the Tyrannosaurus Rex
Twelve Horns Twelve Horns
Find all four Triceratops
Table Manners Table Manners
Feed Kula the wrong food
Scouting for Attention Scouting for Attention
Win a mate for Fern
Lost in a Sandstorm Lost in a Sandstorm
Find Rose, the baby Tarchia
Enemy of my Enemy Enemy of my Enemy
Win the fight as the Ceratosaurus
Tail End Tail End
Fend off the Allosaurus
Finding Kula Finding Kula
Find Kula the Stegosaurus
Wash Your Hands! Wash Your Hands!
Investigate dinosaur droppings
Weigh to Go! Weigh to Go!
Weigh an Argentinosaurus
Small Beginnings Small Beginnings
Hatch a dinosaur egg
Inquisitve Inquisitve
Look at a dinosaur fact card
Dino Spotter Dino Spotter
Spot your first Pachyrhinosaurus
First Medal First Medal
Earn your first medal
Fact Hunter Fact Hunter
Discover a fact card
Love is in the Air Love is in the Air
Attract a flying mate
Patchi's Triumph Patchi's Triumph
Win Patchi's fight with the Gorgosaurus
X-Ray Specs X-Ray Specs
Scan a dinosaur bone
Ace Student Ace Student
Get full marks in the quiz
Unrivalled Unrivalled
Win a dinosaur fight
Yummy Yummy
Successfully feed a dinosaur
Breaking Ground Breaking Ground
Use the hammer to smash up some rock