Wonderbook: Book of Potions Trophy List

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Master the 'Book of Potions'
Brew the Potion of All Potential
Use Felix Felicis to get to the Golden Cauldron
Successfully brew Felix Felicis
Successfully protect the Occamy eggshells
Defeat the Doxys with Doxycide
Successfully brew Doxycide
Successfully gather Streeler shells
Administer the Laughing Potion to the banshee
Successfully brew the Laughing Potion
Successfully extract the Knarl quills
Put the giant serpent to sleep
Successfully brew the Sleeping Potion
Protect the wormwood from the creatures in the garden
Beautify all of the Red Caps
Successfully brew the Beautification Potion
Successfully gather unicorn hair
Shrink the troll with your Shrinking Solution
Successfully brew the Shrinking Solution
Save the daisies from the creatures in the garden
Cured the house-elf's boils with your potion
Complete the first page and begin your journey...
Discover everything about nettles
Discover everything about leeches
Discover everything about unicorns
Discover everything about Flobberworms
Discover everything about Puffskeins
Discover everything about Common Welsh Green dragons
Discover everything about Ashwinders
Chop up an ingredient without making a mistake
Juice an ingredient and add it to the cauldron without spilling a drop
Make a mistake in potion brewing
Successfully laugh at your potion
Pop all the bubbles that emerge from your potion
Find all of the collectibles in the 'Book of Potions'
Find your first collectible
Create a concoction with 4 different effects
Create 15 different effects with your concoctions
Create a concoction where each ingredient requires preparation  
Create your own concoction
Find the frog-rabbit in the Shrinking Solution story
Find the frog-rabbit in the Beautification Potion story
Find the frog-rabbit in the Sleeping Potion story
Find the frog-rabbit in the Laughing Potion story
Find the frog-rabbit in the Doxycide story
Find the frog-rabbit in the Felix Felicis story