Wolfenstein: The New Order Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Save allied planes
Choose to save Fergus
Choose to save Wyatt
Locate the resistance
Find the Laserkraftwerk
Locate the underwater stash
Defeat the London Monitor
Release friend
Complete game on any difficulty
Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or ÜBER)
Complete game on ÜBER
Collect 25 gold items
Collect all gold items
Collect all letters
Solve the first Enigma code
Solve the second Enigma code
Solve the third Enigma code
Solve the fourth Enigma code
Unlock stealth perk 1
Unlock stealth perk 2
Unlock stealth perk 3
Unlock stealth perk 4
Unlock stealth perk 5
Unlock stealth perk 6
Unlock stealth perk 7
Unlock stealth perk 8
Unlock tactical perk 1
Unlock tactical perk 2
Unlock tactical perk 3
Unlock tactical perk 4
Unlock tactical perk 5
Unlock tactical perk 6
Unlock tactical perk 7
Unlock tactical perk 8
Unlock assault perk 1
Unlock assault perk 2
Unlock assault perk 3
Unlock assault perk 4
Unlock assault perk 5
Unlock assault perk 6
Unlock assault perk 7
Unlock assault perk 8
Unlock demolition perk 1
Unlock demolition perk 2
Unlock demolition perk 3
Unlock demolition perk 4
Unlock demolition perk 5
Unlock demolition perk 6
Unlock demolition perk 7
Unlock demolition perk 8