Wheel of Fortune Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
$100,000 total winnings
$500,000 total winnings
$1,000,000 total winnings
$50,000 winnings in one game
Win an online game
Correctly select Q, X, or Z in a puzzle
Pick a letter that shows up 4 or more times in a puzzle
Win 10 games
Win 25 games
Pick 5 letters in a row in one puzzle
Visit all cities in Road Trip mode
Win a round
Win a local game
Obtain all trophies
Solve a puzzle!
Perform a gesture
Win a Toss Up
Change Clothes in the Contestant Creator
Win your first game
Win a game on Easy difficulty
Finish an online game
Win five games
Win $2,000 in one round
Look at the Used Letter Board
Win an online game
Solve the puzzle without guessing letters on your turn
Spin the wheel five times in a row
Win $5,000 in one round
Become a Minigame Champ
Lose a prize wedge or tag by Bankrupt
Play every minigame
Guess five letters in a row
Buy every vowel during a puzzle
Land on Bankrupt twice in a row
Win 25 games
Win $10,000 in one round
Win $100,000 total
Own all props for one set
Win all Toss Ups in a single game
Win a Jackpot
Win $10,000 from a Mystery Wedge
Solve 10 Puzzles
Win every minigame
Win a game on Medium Difficulty
Win a bonus round without guessing any letters correctly
Win a Vehicle!
Acquire all contestant clothes and logos
Win $25,000 in one round
Win $250,000 total
Win $35,000 in one round
Win a game on Hard Difficulty
Win $1M total
Win $500,000 total
Unlock all sets and their props
Win 50 Games
Win a car by getting both ½ car tags
Win the $1M Prize
Solve a puzzle with only one letter revealed
First time to buzz in for a toss up round.
Won $50,000 total.
Solve 10 puzzles.
Win 5 matches.
Collect prize wedge 5 times.
Collect gift tag 5 times.
Collect wild card 5 times.
Collect 1/2 car tag 5 times.
Won $100,000 total.
Unlock 50 customization items.
Won $500,000 total.
Solve a puzzle under Express Mode.
Solve a puzzle with less than 20% letters revealed.