Way of Redemption Trophy List

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Earn all the trophies.
Win your first match (with matchmaking).
Achieve a perfect match (with matchmaking).
Play a match with 4 friends (offline).
Win a round within 45 seconds (online).
Win a round within 30 seconds (online).
Make a triple combo (online).
Make 10 triple combos in a row (online).
Make 25 triple combos of any type (online).
Return a triple combo with another one (online).
Score with a maximum streak (online).
Win a round in which you were 900 points behind (online).
Defeat someone using the same hero as you (online).
Defeat a team with the same heroes as yours (online).
Win a round with 1 point of life left (without Korban's special talent) (online).
Loose a round by taking your own last points of life (online).
Win a match without using energy (online).
Win a round 2 vs 2 where you cause all the damage on the enemy portal (online).
Do 20 epic saves in a match (online).
Do 40 assists in a match (online).
Earn your first MVP in 2 vs 2 (online).
Earn 1500 points in a match (online).