Wasteland 2 Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Get Ranger Team Delta sent after you
Get an STD
Set off the nuke in Ranger Citadel before going to LA
Have a party member turn into a pod person
Make peace between the Atchisons and Topekans
Witness Angela kill Samuel Haas
Give the Night Terror 20 pieces of candy
Send the nuke to the Mad Monks
Send the nuke to the DBM
Disarm the nuke
Meet Ralphy's dad with Ralphy in tow
Save Binh from Tinker
Restore Rodia's mayor to office
Help Chris Van Graas Jr. become mayor of Rodia
Put the Robbinsons in power in Angel Oracle
Help Mr. Manners eliminate Tori Robbinson's plot
Convince the Mannerites to stop eating people
Help Retribution Jones take over Hollywood
Kill all of the God's Militia leadership
Make peace between Hollywood and the Bastion
Dig up all the holes at Redondo Beach
Complete Matthias' quest to kill in LA
Learn Combat Shooting
Find The Fin's poster
Intervene in a God's Militia execution
Steal the Golden Spike from Kekkahbah's fortress without being detected
Complete the game with a Ranger dressed in a gorilla costume
Find a Wasteland 1 disk
Use the code from Finster's head to get into Darwin's underground complex
Scotchmo steals 5 bottles of Snake Squeezins from you
Find all of the world map caches
Use Animal Whisperer to charm 20 animals
Apply 20 weapon mods
Tip 5 cows
Get 3 goats following the party at once
Outfit 3 rangers in the amigos hat, jacket, and pants
Find the hidden cache of extraterrestrial cartridges
Find all hidden shrines in the game
Survive a combat encounter with only 1 party member standing
Accidentally kill a party member with friendly fire
Read every lore entry in the game
Repair 10 locks or safes using Mechanical Repair
Go to Los Angeles
Return to Arizona
Allow Vargas to detonate the nuke
You foolishly pushed the button in the Hollywood Sewers