Warriors All-Stars Trophy List

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Collected all trophies.
Won the first battle.
Led Tamaki to become the new ruler.
Led Setsuna to become the new ruler.
Led Shiki to become the new ruler.
Sealed Yomi away and saved the world.
Purified Yomi and restored the world to its original state.
Parted ways with Tamaki in order to protect her.
Lost your memory... again.
Proved that you are the strongest.
Was sent back forcefully.
Unified the world and then gave it away.
Became the ultimate idol in this world.
Decided to live as a kunoichi in this new world.
Put on an act in order to save the world.
Captured an evildoer.
Displayed the strength of a hero.
Activated Musou Rush 3 times or more in a single battle.
Unlocked all actions for every character.
Cleared a battle using a Special Attack.
Viewed bathing events for every character.
Received the maximum level of Regard from any one character.
Received the maximum level of Regard from every character towards any one character.
Reached the maximum level with any one character.
Searched the barrel.
Viewed level 3 conversation event with any one character in the Sanctuary.
Obtained material.
Cleared Story Mode in 3 hours or less.
Collected 100,000 Gold or more.
Unlocked all of the regions on the World Map.
Cleared all Story, Hero and Dramatic Battles.
Cleared any battle in 2 minutes or less.
Cleared any battle without taking any damage.
Defeated 8 or more enemy officers using Hero Skills in a single battle.
Ate 10 or more meat buns in a single battle.
Saved allies 5 or more times in a single battle.
Earned 5000 or more EXP in a single battle.