Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Trophy List

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Get all other Trophies.
Complete the Horn of Magnus
Complete Act 1
Complete Act 2
Complete Act 3
Complete all missions
Complete all missions on Hard
Complete all missions on Nightmare
Complete all missions on Cataclysm
Complete one mission on Hard
Complete one mission on Nightmare
Complete one mission on Cataclysm
Destroy 500 breakable objects
Carry a Grimoire to the end of a level.
Get the killing blow on a Rat Ogre
Be part of killing a Rat Ogre
Be part of killing a whole Stormvermin Patrol.
Use 10 Medical Supplies on your allies.
Kill 5 Skaven with one grenade.
Acquire an item of Exotic quality.
Reach Rank 100.
Unlock the Forge.
Salvage an Item.
Upgrade an Item in the Forge.
Fuse an Item in the Forge.
Salvage 100 Items.
Fuse 25 Items in the forge.
Equip a Trinket for the first time.
Unlock the third Trinket Slot.
Equip an Exotic item in every slot on a single Hero.
Collect one Tome.
Collect all Tomes.
Complete a Mission as Every Hero.
Get Bronze on Town Meeting.
Get Silver on Town Meeting.
Get Gold on Town Meeting.
Complete a wave in Last Stand
Collect 1 Endurance Badges in Last Stand.
Collect 200 Endurance Badges in Last Stand.
Rescue Bardin Goreksson from the Skaven.

Quest and Contracts DLC

Complete your first Contract.
Complete your first Quest.
Get your first Boon.

Karak Azgaraz DLC

Complete: Khazid Kro
Complete: The Cursed Rune
Complete: Chain of Fire
Khazid Kro: Complete the Brewery event in less than 240 seconds
Chain Of Fire: Complete the final event without stopping the ignition sequence
The Cursed Rune: Take no team damage during the Quarry event
Khazid Kro: Get timed explosives in place with less than two seconds left
Kill a Stormvermin in one blow using Bardin's Pick.