War Of The Monsters Trophy List

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Taunt an enemy for the first time.
Destroy Goliath Prime and his Preytor minions.
Completely destroy Vegon.
Completely obliterate Cerebulon.
Unlock Zorgulon.
Unlock Raptros.
Defeat Congar in the Midtown Park.
Win a 2-player game as Player 1 for the first time.
Unlock the Big Shot mini-game.
Unlock the Crush-O-Rama mini-game.
Unlock the Dodge Ball mini-game.
Play as Mecha Sweet Tooth.
Unlock all of the locked levels.
Unlock all of the special skins.
Defeat all of the bosses.
Play all of the monsters.
Collect 200,000 battle tokens.
Unlock all of the mini-games.