Wanted Corp. Trophy List

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All trophies have been unlocked.
Successfully complete mission 1.
Successfully complete mission 2.
Successfully complete mission 3.
Capture Big Monkey Grunk and transfer him to Wanted Corp.
Successfully complete mission 5.
Successfully complete mission 6.
Successfully complete mission 7.
Capture Barghest and transfer her to Wanted Corp.
Capture a fugitive and transfer him to Wanted Corp.
Move a heavy object using telekinesis.
First archive found.
Give your teammate back 50% health using illumination.
Pick up a fallen teammate.
Use a teleportation terminal to send back a teammate from an arena.
1st purchase from the store.
Kill a fugitive with a tank.
Dodge the attack of a codilus.
Capture 100 fugitives.
Capture 200 fugitives.
Transform a frozen fugitive into diamond dust with Maddogg.
Complete a two-player mission offline.
Get a bonus of more than 5.000 credits with a series of captures.
Get a bonus of more than 10.000 credits with a series of captures.
Arrest a fugitive with a ring after 3 successive bounces.
Complete a Barghest arena before time runs out.
Kill three fugitives with a single grenade.
Complete a mission without getting hit.
Purchase all the upgrades of a weapon or power.
Play a mission online.
Open all the briefcases of a level.
Destroy a sentry gun.
Exceed 500.000 credits during a mission.
Exceed credits 800.000 during a mission.
Collect all the game’s archives.
Buy all the store’s upgrades.