Wand Wars Trophy List

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Collect all the trophies
Complete the apprentice campaign
Complete the machine campaign
Complete the witch campaign
Complete the beast campaign
Complete the demon campaign
Complete the challenger campaign
Juggle the sphere 10 times without anyone else touching it.
Teleport out of game right before getting crushed
Accelerate the sphere to its maximum speed
Eliminate the same player twice within one second
Destroy a cloud beast as the cloud sentinel
Destroy a cloud sentinel as the cloud beast
Destroy multiple magic arrows with a single catch spell
Win a team deathmatch game against 3 CPU players on LVL 10 difficulty
Use up three shields within a single round
Destroy all of the blocks in the Hidden Hoard level
Eat a frozen enemy
Win a whole game without dying
Eat a chicken
Cross the Beams
Eliminate an opponent after dying
Win a match without touching the sphere
Unlock all game content
Have six power-ups in your inventory at once
Eliminate an enemy while you are in chicken form
Eliminate three opponents with one death ray or fireball
Win a round while having at least one clone