VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club Trophy List

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First Level Up
Reach Level 25
Reach Level 50
Reach Level 75
Reach Level 100
First Win
25 Wins
50 Wins
75 Wins
100 Wins
Score Your First Goal
Score 25 Goals
Score 50 Goals
Score 75 Goals
Score 100 Goals
Keep a Clean Sheet
Keep 25 Clean Sheets
Keep 50 Clean Sheets
Keep 75 Clean Sheets
Keep 100 Clean Sheets
Assist a Goal
Assist 25 Goals
Assist 50 Goals
Assist 75 Goals
Assist 100 Goals
Score a Goal With Your Head
Score an Own Goal
Create a private match
Tackle a Player
Score a Goal From Outside the Box
Customise Your Player Kit
Complete 100 Successful Passes
Win a Match From Being Behind
Complete a 25+ Yard Pass
Apply Different Boot Colours
Score a Volley
Hit the Woodwork
Score a Goal in the Last 30 Seconds
Score From Your Half
Play Your First Match