Vitamin Z Trophy List

Mondo Marinara Mondo Marinara
Kill 1000 tomatoes.
That's a Lot of Radishes That's a Lot of Radishes
Kill 1000 radishes.
Do you Carrot All? Do you Carrot All?
Kill 1000 carrots.
That's the last Straw(berry)! That's the last Straw(berry)!
Kill 1000 strawberries.
I am Melon Lord! I am Melon Lord!
Kill 1000 watermelons.
Grip it By the Husk Grip it By the Husk
Kill 1000 coconuts.
Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath
Kill 1000 grapes.
Banafafanafofana Banafafanafofana
Kill 1000 bananas.
Orange you Glad? Orange you Glad?
Kill 1000 oranges.
No One Likes Broccoli No One Likes Broccoli
Kill 1000 broccoli.
High Scorer High Scorer
Earn 1,000,000 points.
First Floor First Floor
Clear the first floor.
Second Floor Second Floor
Clear the second floor.
Third Floor Third Floor
Clear the third floor.
Fourth Floor Fourth Floor
Clear the fourth floor.
Fifth Floor Fifth Floor
Clear the fifh floor.
Upgrades Researcher Upgrades Researcher
Own one of each upgrate.
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded
Fully max out all upgrades.
Open a Salad Bar Open a Salad Bar
Reach a fifty kill combo