Velocity Ultra Trophy List

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Because this player earned it.
Complete a zone without letting go of boost.
Get trapped and killed by the scroll.
Hit boost 100 times in a zone.
Destroy 500 Zetachron ships.
Discover at least one secret area.
Discover all the secret areas.
Disable two switches in quick succession.
Use pulse bombs to gain 50 multikills.
Smash 500 pieces of glass.
Complete Zone 18 without upgrading weapons.
Complete zone 21 without rescuing any survivors.
Disable three switches in quick succession.
Get 140,000 points in the credits minigame.
Beat the minesweeper minigame.
Disable four switches in quick succession.
Destroy 1000 Zetachron ships.
Complete the reaction test minigame.
Earn a PERFECT medal on Zone 10.
Earn a PERFECT medal on Zone 46.
Earn a PERFECT medal on Zone 48.
Achieve above average XP on every zone.
Earn a PERFECT medal on Zone 50.
Reach Zone 50.
Complete Zone 50.
Complete the Smith's Challenge minigame.
Destroy 5000 Zetachron ships.
Earn a PERFECT medal on all Critical Urgency zones.
Rescue every survivor.
Earn a PERFECT medal for every zone.
Collect every in-game award in Velocity Ultra.