Velocibox Trophy List

Collector Collector
Collect 10000 Cubes
Unrelenting Unrelenting
Play 1000 Sessions
Initialized Initialized
Complete the Initialization Phase Perfectly
Level One Level One
Reach Level One
Level Two Level Two
Reach Level Two
Level Three Level Three
Reach Level Three
Level Four Level Four
Reach Level Four
Level Five Level Five
Reach Level Five
Level Six Level Six
Reach Level Six
Level Seven Level Seven
Reach Level Seven
Level Eight Level Eight
Reach Level Eight
Immortal Box Immortal Box
Reach Level Nine ... In Ranked Mode (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
One With The Box One With The Box
Complete Super Velocibox
Super Velocibox Super Velocibox
Unlock Super Velocibox