Vane Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies.
Ruins of a large tower at the center of the world.
Remnants of machinery in the dark
Traces of a civilization beneath the crust.
Starting at the far shallow end, fly through the desert canyon near the storm in record speed!
Accumulate a legendary flock of crows by the vane tower
The machinery of the world rumbles back to life
Don the mask. Ascend the Tower.
Explore the depths of the storm circling the world
As a child, get to the top of the highest hill in the desert.
Be the first to leave the base of the Tower
Take a leap of faith towards a new beginning
Give yourself to the Gold
Open the way for your friends.
Time lurches forward and the world begins to change...
The gold does more than glimmer in the desert...
The Tower stands tall and massive against the Storm
Echoes of a familiar place
A memory of where things started to turn