Valley Trophy List

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Acquire all trophies
Revive 100 Trees
Collect 100 acorns
Drop down the pit located in Proving Grounds
Collect enough medallions to access all pyramid chambers
Kill 50 trees
Take life from 20 animals
Complete game without the valley dying
Pacify 10 Amrita Swarms
Defeat the Alpha
Complete Wendigo Lake
Complete Susurrus Valley
Complete Titan Rock
Complete the Soma Facility
Complete the Soma Reactor
Complete Camp Henday
Complete the Proving Grounds
Complete Smoke Lake
Complete the Astra Facility
Take 10,000 steps
Gain entry to the Sussurian Pyramid
Gain entry through all the acorn doors
Defeat 25 dark creatures
Find Virginia’s music box
Acquire the Lifeseed
Stop the Astra Facility from killing the valley
Collect all energy upgrades
Discover the secret Landshark encampment
Spend 20 minutes of accumulated time in mid-air
Find all 8 pages
Acquire all upgrades for the L.E.A.F. suit