Valhalla Knights 3 Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Defeated 100 enemies.
Saved 10,000G.
Earned your first title.
Completed your first quest.
Parried for the first time.
Battled online for the first time.
Helped a fallen party member.
Maxed your relationship with a male friend.
Maxed your relationship with a clerk.
Stayed at the hotel with someone.
Searched a certain number of times.
Walked a certain number of steps.
Defeated the Emperor for the second time.
Took vengeance on Mary.
Took vengeance on Tuckerno.
Took vengeance on Yasciano.
Took vengeance on Vladimir.
Took vengeance on Bartess.
Took vengeance on Roger Moreau.
Took vengeance on Kevin.
Completed all story quests.
Brought things to a close.
Earned a lot of titles.
Collected a lot of weapons.
Collected a lot of armor.
Completed a lot of quests.