Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Regained your sense for battle.
Was accused of something you never did.
Cast away all mercy for your enemies.
Managed to avert a crisis.
Settled a long-standing score.
Found the one hiding in shadows.
Encountered one of undying loyalty.
Witnessed the bond between two sisters.
Learned a man's final wish in a duel to the death.
A soldier must resort to underhanded tactics at times.
Proved that best-laid schemes often go awry.
Experienced heaven and hell.
Had an unexpected reunion.
Who is his vengeance truly for?
Confessed your sins.
Your voice went unheard. A false truth deafens him.
Finally released your true strength.
Rampaged with no regard for those around you.
Saw your plans come to fruition.
Opened the door to the bird's cage.
Learned a crucial secret of a foreign land.
Finally found what you were looking for.
Listened to an unwelcome monologue.
Attacked by those who are loyal unto death.
Shocked and appalled by a horrific sight.
Stood together and faced your hardships.
Power does not conform to the shape of its vessel.
You may never find warmth in this cold place.
Reduced to a mere beast.
You can never go back...
A job well done.
Thank you for coming.
Completed the ending.
Successfully executed an Action Chain.
Successfully executed a reactive Skill.
Used a Final Strike.
Used a Co-op Attack.
Used a Co-op Final.
Successfully executed a critical.
Successfully executed criticals 200 times.
Dealt 500+ damage to an enemy in one attack.
Dealt 1000+ damage to an enemy in one attack.
Dealt 5000+ damage to an enemy in one attack.
Summoned shikigami 100 times.
Played Free Battle mode.
Won 20 Mock battles.
Played Munechika's Trials.
Entered the Dream Arena.
Completed all Dream Arena stages.
Used Final Strike with all characters.
Used Co-op Finals with all characters.
Obtained all battle rewards.
Viewed 100 or more entries in the glossary.
Viewed 500 or more battle callouts.
Viewed all event visuals.
Listened to all BGM tracks.