Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception Trophy List

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All trophies achieved.
Watched the opening movie.
"Test of Will" completed.
"Extermination" completed.
"Familiar Threat" completed.
"Bandits" completed.
"First Mission" completed.
"Elopement" completed.
"Playing With Fire" completed.
"Vice and Virtue" completed.
"Nakwan" completed.
"The Prisoners" completed.
"Remnants" completed.
"Encounter" completed.
"Mononofu" completed.
"Shadows" completed.
"The Rescue" completed.
"Conqueror" completed.
"Vurai" completed.
Witnessed the ending of the game.
Defeated the Boro-Gigiri.
Destroyed Moznu's axe.
Defeated the Tatari Unkami.
Successfully executed an Action Chain.
Successfully executed a reactive Skill.
Successfully executed a critical.
Used a Final Strike.
Equipped an item.
Spent a bonus point.
Played Free Battle mode.
Accessed the Glossary.
Stopped an enemy movement with ZOC.
Broke through enemy's ZOC.
Took advantage of enemy's weak attribute.
Used Action Chain on yourself.
Challenged Dream Match for the first time.
Successfully engaged in Critical 100 times.
Unlocked all event visuals.
Unlocked all BGM.
Used Action Chain with all characters.
Used Final Strike with all characters.
Reached the max level for a unit.
On one map, defeated 10 enemies with 1 unit.
Defeated more than 300 enemy units.