Uppers Trophy List

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Obtain all available trophies.
Defeat 1 grunt.
Activate Panty Slots.
Lift Shopping District's Queen skirt.
Get 1 Love Letter.
Get 30 Love Letters.
Make one girl dazed on the appreciation screen.
Perform a Rise Up.
Successfully perform an Upper Rush.
Defeat Chapter 1 boss with a finisher.
Clear Chapter 1.
Clear Chapter 2.
Clear Chapter 3.
Clear Chapter 3 Side Story.
Clear Chapter 4.
Clear Chapter 5.
Clear Chapter 6.
Reach maximum (LV5) Voltage.
Perform a Friendship Upper Rush.
Get a match in Panty Slots.
Watch every reward cutscene for 1 Queen.
Get 50 Love Letters.
Unlock all playable characters.
Defeat all bosses on the streets.
Use all map gimmicks.
Defeat a boss with an Upper Rush.
Defeat a boss with a Friendship Upper Rush.
Watch every reward cutscene for 4 Queens.
Get "Ino-Shika-Cho" in Panty Slots.
Get "World Expo" in Panty Slots.
Watch every reward cutscene for all Queens.
Get 100 Love Letters.
Clear all Panty Slot combinations.
Clear the last Chapter without taking any damage.
Activate map gimmicks/special actions 10000 times.