Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Finish 'Haunted Lodge'
Finish 'Nightmare Descent'
Finish 'Hotel Hell'
Finish 'Psycho Cellblock'
Finish 'Ghost Town'
Finish 'Mines of Death'
Finish 'Final Inferno'
Finish 'Haunted Lodge' on Insane
Finish 'Nightmare Descent' on Insane
Finish 'Hotel Hell' on Insane
Finish 'Psycho Cellblock' on Insane
Finish 'Ghost Town' on Insane
Finish 'Mines of Death' on Insane
Finish 'Final Inferno' on Insane
Finish the story on any difficulty
Finish the story on Psychotic
Collect all the skittles in one level
Collect all the skittles
Pick up a new weapon
Have picked up all weapons
Dual wield Shotguns
Dual wield Machine Pistols
Dual wield Revolvers
Reach multiplier x4
Reach multiplier x8
Beat a previous set score on a level
Kill 20 enemies with barrels
Shoot all the moving ducks in 'Haunted Lodge'
Complete a level using only pistols
Complete a level using only one hand
Get 100 headshots
Blast off 100 limbs
Get > 80% accuracy on a level
Die from spider venom
Die from hitting head on a barrier
Get killed by a sawblade
See all the 'Moment of sanity' sequences
Hit three targets with one shot from the Revolver
Hit three or more targets with a blast from the shotgun