Uno Trophy List

Welcome Welcome
Complete the First UNO round.
Lucky Begins Lucky Begins
Win the First UNO match.
Sing A Song Sing A Song
Successfully Calls UNO 10 times.
Joker Joker
Successfully make opponent draw cards with Wild Draw Four 10 times.
Good Sight Good Sight
Successfully Challenge a missed call UNO 15 times.
Head On Head On
Win match 5 times with at least 3 house rules.
Break-In Break-In
Play Action Cards 100 times.
Just a Machine Just a Machine
Win 5 matches against 3 AI.
The Right Choice The Right Choice
Change Color with Action Cards for 40 times.
Lion Heart Lion Heart
Win Wild Draw Four challenge 20 times.
Connector Connector
Win 10 Online matches.
Flying Higher Flying Higher
Win a match with more than 700 points.
Collector Collector
Unlock all other UNO Trophies!