Unholy Heights Trophy List

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You have conquered the world.
You have become an apartment manager.
Had a first monster move in.
Complete the first quest.
Had a monster behind with rent.
A monster bit the dust.
No rent, no place to reside in.
Where to go after an eviction?
You are so in love.
A new job starting tomorrow.
What is your favorite song?
Witnessed the miracle of monster reproduction.
Opened the bestiary .
Added a second floor to the building.
Added a third floor to the building.
Added a fourth floor to the building.
Have more than half of monsters in bestiary.
An eye for an eye. That's my principle!
A top tier monster has come out.
The devil got admired by a monster.
Got a job! Got a job!
Have all monsters in bestiary.
All furniture became available to buy.
Completed the quest "From Hell, with Love 2".
Defeated the legendary hero. Time to conquer the world!
Defeated the legendary hero.
Finished all quests.
No more starvation!