TRON RUN/r Trophy List

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Change a character skin.
Earn 2 Stars in a Disc level.
Earn 3 Stars in a Cycle level.
Reach a combo of 250 in any level.
Keep a Companion through an entire level.
Complete any Disc level without collecting over 90 Bits.
Do not destroy any barricades on a Disc level.
Destroy 1,000 barricades in any level.
Combo an entire Disc level from beginning to end.
Combo an entire Cycle level from beginning to end.
Destroy 20 barricades at once.
Complete a Disc or Cycle level with a score under 20,000 points.
Earn 30 total Stars.
Earn 50 total Stars.
Earn 96 total Stars.

TRON RUN/r Outlands Pack DLC

Complete any Disc or Cycle level using a Vector Suit or Vector Cycle with Outlands additional content installed.
Earn 20 Stars in Outlands.
Duel another player in Stream with Outlands additional content installed.
Complete a Weekly Challenge and earn a Badge with Outlands additional content installed.
Earn 48 Stars in Outlands.