Trinity Universe NA Trophy List

Platinum trophy Platinum trophy
To acquire all the trophies.
Hero Hero
To defeat 100 monsters.
Super hero Super hero
To defeat 300 monsters.
Ultra hero Ultra hero
To defeat 800 monsters.
Victory Victory
To win the battle 30 times.
Super victory Super victory
To win the battle 100 times.
Ultra victory Ultra victory
To win the battle 300 times.
Power soldier Power soldier
The TOTAL damage exceeds 10000.
Power king Power king
The TOTAL damage exceeds 50000.
Break power Break power
The TOTAL damage exceeds 100000.
Speed star Speed star
The numbers of HIT exceeds 300.
Shooting star Shooting star
The numbers of HIT exceeds 500.
Stardust Stardust
The numbers of HIT exceeds 700.
Creator Creator
To discover 10 images.
Treasure hunter Treasure hunter
To discover 30 concealed treasures.
Space cleaner Space cleaner
The dungeon is drifted 10 times.
Bourgeois Bourgeois
To spend over 100000G in the shop.
Managraphic love Managraphic love
To spend over 1000000G in the atelier.
Gorgeous road Gorgeous road
To have over 100000000G.
Meteorlight star Meteorlight star
To make Meteorlights 100 times.
Material star Material star
To compose items 100 times.
Monster star Monster star
To create monsters 100 times.
Space traveler Space traveler
You drift 50 times.
Game mania Game mania
The evaluation point exceeds one million.
Shopping mania Shopping mania
To spend over 10000000G in the shop.
Dreamer Dreamer
To discover 30 images.
Treasure mania Treasure mania
To discover 60 concealed treasures.
Hit mania Hit mania
The numbers of HIT exceeds 1000.
Damage hazard Damage hazard
The TOTAL damage exceeds 300000.
Battle mania Battle mania
To win the battle 500 times.
Space clear Space clear
The dungeon is drifted 50 times.
Legend Legend
To defeat 1300 monsters.
Space hero Space hero
To defeat 2000 monsters.
True end True end
To clear the true scenario.
Ultimate player Ultimate player
The dungeon is drifted 100 times.
Shop owner Shop owner
To spend over 1000000000G in the shop.
Character love Character love
The level of all the characters exceeds 100.