Trinity: Souls Of Zill O'll Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Dagda joins your party
Selene joins your party
Clear the First Chapter
Clear the Second Chapter
Clear the Third Chapter
Clear the Fourth Chapter
Clear the Fifth Chapter
Win the Goblin Cup in the Arena
Win the Undead Cup in the Arena
Win the Giant Cup in the Arena
Win the Dragon Cup in the Arena
Defeat the Dragon King
Max out Rune Fighter skills
Max out Arch Sword skills
Max out Negavanitia skills
Max out Mighty Blow skills
Max out Warrior Monk skills
Max out Chrome Heart skills
Max out Trickster skills
Max out Lunar Shadow skills
Max out Nosferatu skills
Max out all skills
Unlock all story entries and contents
Unlock all character entries
Unlock all monster entries
Complete over 70 quests
Defeat over 3,000 enemies
Gather over 100,000 medals
Achieve over level 30 with all characters
Achieve level 99 with all characters
Possess over 100,000 gea
Get a 5-card Charlie in blackjack
Get a blackjack in blackjack
Obtain the Arch Sword soul
Obtain the Negavanitia soul
Obtain the Warrior Monk soul
Obtain the Chrome Heart soul
Obtain the Lunar Shadow soul
Obtain the Nosferatu soul
Travel to all dungeons and cities
Complete Leonique's Labryinth