Tornado Outbreak Trophy List

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This trophy is automatically unlocked once all other trophies have been unlocked.
Completed Chicken Con Carnage
Completed Double Wide Damage
Completed Military Mayhem
Completed High Roller Blowout
Completed Carnival Chaos
Completed Ringling Village
Completed Camelot Falls
Completed Coastal Calamity
Completed Showdown with Omegaton
Completed all levels in the United States.
Completed all levels in the United Kingdom.
Completed all levels in Japan.
Completed a Vortex Race with a bronze medal.
Completed a Vortex Race with a silver medal.
Completed a Vortex Race with a gold medal.
Performed a Stone Stomp that destroys 10 objects
Missed 20 gates, but still completed the race
Absorbed all 50 Fire Flyers within the last zone of the campground
Absorbed 15 Fire Flyers at once without grabbing
Absorbed 100 Fire Flyers at once
Absorbed 75 Fire Flyers at once
Absorbed 50 Fire Flyers at once
Played in a local multiplayer session
Released an Orb in multiplayer
Released an Orb without losing a Wind Warrior during a Totem approach
Absorbed 50 chickens
Absorbed 1300 Fire Flyers
Destroyed 100 things without absorbing any Fire Flyers
Absorbed the minimum number of Fire Flyers in a non-tutorial level (non multiplayer)
Military Mayhem Zone 1: Absorbed all 17 scientists before growing 4 times (non multiplayer)
Disrupted the bad man's bad plan
Unlocked all bonus materials
Unlocked first bonus material
Absorbed and held at least 20 Fire Flyers before destroying 25 things
Destroyed a cannon