Torment: Tides of Numenera Trophy List

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Unlocked all trophies!
Escaped the Sorrow... for now.
Reached Sagus Cliffs.
Completed a Mere.
Reached the Valley of Dead Heroes.
Found Miel Avest.
Reached the Bloom.
Reached the Ascension.
Activated the Resonance Chamber.
Completed the game.
Ended your life before it truly began.
Slew the Nychthemeron.
Defeated the Adversary.
Became the main course in a Dendra O'hur feast.
Learn the truth of where Jherem came from.
Convince the Cult in Sagus Cliffs that you're the Changing God.
Found the Hall of Relics.
Discovered Min of Tan Liang's embarrassing secret.
Equipped every one of Jernaugh's upgrades.
Rescued the Memorialists in the Valley of Dead Heroes by failing to find them.
Undertook Tantalum's quest to explore the tombs of the Necropolis.
Freed the Valley from the Children of the Endless Gate.
Helped Phoenix find the answer he seeks.
Brought a new minnim pair to life.
Brought peace to Choi's spirit.
Became the new Memovira.
Purchased a slave.
Returned the lascars to their home.
Found the murdens' treasure room
Defeated Waits-for-Prey in combat.
Died by drinking too much Bloom juice.
Coty betrayed the First on your behalf.
Became The Changing God.
Aligern found his friends and family.
Made Aligern believe that you're the Changing God... and earned his love anyway.
Callistege became fully human again.
Translated Callistege's consciousness into the datasphere.
Powered up Erritis' nanites.
Freed Erritis from the Audience.
Helped Tybir make peace with Auvigne.
Tybir made a dangerous deal with Tol Maguur.
Matkina turned away from her isolation.
Matkina became the new Memovira.
Rhin returned to her true home.
Rhin stayed with the Last Castoff.
Rhin found a new family through the House of Empty Time.
Found all Merecasters.
Acquired one too many cyphers.
Woke up in the Calm after dying.
Unlocked all elements in the Calm.
Reached maximum character level.
The entire party loves the Last Castoff.
The entire party dislikes the Last Castoff.