Toon War Trophy List

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You can go home soldier!
Kill 50 Akm Men
Kill 50 Rocket Men
Kill 30 Camel raiders
Destroy 50 Hummers
Destroy 50 rocket launchers
Destroy Radar boss
Destroy 30 btrs
Destroy Artilery Boss
Destroy Spider boss
Kill 200 machinegunners
Kill 100 snipers
Destroy 30 ground turrets
Kill 300 kamikazes
Kill 50 motorcycles
Destroy 50 air drones
Destroy Dron boss
Destroy 50 ski mans
Destroy 30 snowmobiles
Destroy Grader Boss
Bring the flammenwerfer
Kill 50 grenade men
Kill 30 shield mans
Destroy 30 trucks
Destroy Train Boss
Destroy 100 boats
Destroy 50 Water tanks
Destroy Submarine boss
Destroy airplane boss
Destroy big ships
Rescue Hostages
Defend the bridge
Defeat the snow runner
Runaway from snowball
Kill all giant enemies
Destroy all the bombs in night
Survive from vortexes
Destroy 30 tanks