Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HD Trilogy Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Complete all missions without raising alarm even once.
Complete the game without having more than 3 fatal casualties per level.
Complete the game in Hard difficulty.
Complete the game without using single medikit.
Complete the game in Normal difficulty.
Complete the Police Station Mission.
Complete the Georgian Defense Ministry.
Complete the GFO Oil Rig mission.
Complete the CIA Headquarters mission.
Complete the Kalinatek mission.
Complete the Chinese Embassy mission.
Complete the Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats mission.
Complete the Return to Chinese Embassy.
Complete the Presidential Palace mission.
Complete the game without dying more than 5 times.
Pick lock on 25 doors.
Collect data stick from 47 computer terminals.
Put down 10 enemies once they notice you, before they raise the alarm.
Get 25 headshots.
Perform 100 captures.
Take out 13 opponents by jumping from above them.
Kill 11 enemies with grenades.
Destroy 25 light Sources.
Disable 25 unguarded cameras.
Interrogate 5 victims.
Disarm 15 wallmines.
Disable 10 turret sentry guns.
Complete Kalinatek mission using only 5.7mm Pistol
Take out 10 guards using the Sticky Shocker.
Peek under 10 doors.
Capture 10 guards investigating the disturbance.
Complete Training Course without getting failed.
Complete Police Station mission without firing a bullet.
Complete Training Course.
Complete Oil Refinery mission without losing health.
Collect 50 data sticks.