Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs Trophy List

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Completionist! You got every trophy!
Episode 1 cleared.
Episode 2 cleared.
Episode 3 cleared.
Episode 4 cleared.
Episode 5 cleared.
Episode 6 cleared.
Episode 7 cleared.
Episode 8 cleared.
Episode 9 cleared.
Episode 10 cleared.
Episode 11 cleared.
Episode 12 cleared.
Episode 13 cleared.
You activated your 6th sense every time.
Congrats. Your album is complete.
No traps? Not once? Are you nuts?
Thirty traps set at once. You won't be surprised.
More than 5 critical hits in one battle.
Bull in a china shop you are. And near death over 20 times? I'm surprised you're still alive.
All 4 of you are near death. How did you make it?!
You've performed exorcisms all over Tokyo.
Fifty exorcisms? Well done!
A hundred exorcisms? Maybe that's a little excessive?
You're always ignoring everyone. Or maybe you're a daydreamer.
Done in less than 5 minutes! You're either really good, or really lucky.
You got all four of you out unscathed.
Throwing items are your weapons of choice.
Only a minute left? Cutting it a little close there.
You faced your enemies alone, and defeated them.
It's the ghost's game.
So you fight in a bra, black stockings, and high heels, eh? Kinky.
Cleared extra scenario between episodes 5 and 6.
Cleared extra scenario between episodes 6 and 7.
Cleared extra scenario between episodes 7 and 8.
Cleared extra scenario between episodes 9 and 10.
Cleared extra scenario between episodes 10 and 11.
Sayuri Mifune confesses.
Yuki Shiramine confesses.
Harukichi Kosuge confesses.
Kojirou Yamakawa confesses.
Moichi Sengen confesses.
Tei Hikime confesses.
Iku Kaede confesses.
Tessen Ryuuzouin confesses.
The Kayama brothers confess.
Chigusa Kuki confesses.
Tomokiyo Otoe confesses.
Sawako Yashio confesses.
Chizuru Fukurai confesses.
Masamune Shiga confesses.
Housui Sadoi confesses.