Titan Souls Trophy List

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Collect all Trophies
Open the first sealed gate
Open the second sealed gate
Slay a Titan
Kill the eye cube while pulling back the arrow
Succumb to the effect of spores for 30 seconds total
Kill the knight after destroying all pillars
Kill the rolling Titan in under 5 seconds
Kill the skull Titan as it spins
Finish in under 10 seconds...
Destroy all icebergs
Knock yourself out in the battle for the Titan Soul
Kill the broken statue Titan while pulling back the arrow
Kill the sludge Titan with no more possible divisions
Cut all the vines off the plant Titan
Remove all teeth from the mountain Titan then kill it
Trigger the Guardian's switches with the opposite hands and kill it
Drop a bomb on the lava blob Titan's head
Beat the game
Produce 50 coins in the chest fight
Kill the brain with a flaming arrow
Beat the game in Iron Mode with Hard Mode active
See the Truth
Beat the game in Hard Mode
Beat the game in under 20 minutes
Beat the game in Iron Mode
Beat the game without rolling rolling rolling (in No Roll mode)
Slay all Titans in Iron Mode