Thimbleweed Park Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Begin Part One.
Begin Part Two.
Complete Ransome's Flashback.
Complete Delores's Flashback.
Begin Part Three.
Complete Franklin's Flashback.
Catch the killer.
Begin Part Four.
Get an alive character into the Hotel penthouse.
Begin Part Five.
Begin Part Six.
Begin Part Seven.
Begin Part Eight.
Begin Part Nine.
Complete the game in casual mode.
Complete the game in hard mode.
Stay for all the credits.
Escape from the sewers.
Push the circus mime over.
Collect 25 specks of dust.
Read 100 books in the library.
Read all the Thimbleweed Nickel newspapers.
Visit every floor in the hotel.
Use Ransome's Itch Cream.
Blow up the Mansion.
Collect 50 specks of dust.
Listen to 100 Voicemail messages.
Make everyone cry about their life.
Navigate to the buried treasure.
Grow Leonard's plant to superhuman size.
Collect 75 specks of dust.
Get Ransome's bad ending.
Don't pick up any specks of dust.