The Witch and the Hundred Knight Trophy List

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You got all the trophies.
You earned the bad ending.
You earned the normal ending.
You earned the true ending.
You cleared the Tower of Illusion.
Achieved a bad ending by never switching to Casual Mode.
Performed 100 jump attacks.
Used up stamina 100 times.
Performed Self Recovery 100 times.
Performed 50 Witch Dominations successfully.
Performed 100 Mystical Dodges.
Defeated 100 Notorious monsters.
Defeated by a town folk.
Changed to Casual Mode.
Achieved all bonuses.
Leveled a facet up to 99.
Leveled all facets to 99.
Defeated 10 Pinatas.
Defeated the Rare Pinata.
Defeated an enemy using Mystical Dodge.
Defeated a boss monster using Chaos Revelation.
Achieved 100% discovery rate on the map.
Filled the stomach stock completely.
Released all pillars.
Achieved max with Physical Revelations.
Defeated Metallia in the opening.
Reached Floor B10 in the Tower of Illusion.
Reached Floor B10 without ever going back.
Reached Floor B100 in the Tower of Illusion.
Reached Floor B10 on max difficulty in the Tower of Illusion.
Reached Floor B100 on max difficulty in the Tower of Illusion.
Defeated an enemy with Metallia.
Performed Alchemy.
Performed Alchemy on a Legendary Equipment 10 times.
Used Concentrated Mana Pearl for Alchemy.
Obtained a weapon with over 10,000 ATK.
Obtained a weapon with over 30,000 ATK.