The Wardrobe Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies
Tutorial completed
Drunk Skinny
Van Halen, I fear you not
Here you go, some friendliness pellets
Have you forgotten something?
Someone here has a couple of screws loose
Take a life, are you NUTS?!
You have a good eye for a guy with no sockets
Do you want some clomipramine?
The last luncheon on the grass cost me my life
Six! Six! Six! The number of the beast!
Hey! Catch your breath, mate
You're a real Zen master
Pruna iacta est!
Home sweet home
Volare, oh oh!
Red pill, you take a trip to Wonderland
You fight like a dairy farmer!
Look who's risen from the dead!
Quo vadis?
John Titor would be proud of you
Not such an excellent day for an exorcism
Remember to correctly dispose of your videogames cartridges
That was a bad idea, my friend