The Walking Dead: Season Two Trophy List

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Completed Episode 1: "All That Remains"
Arrived at the shore.
Found a campsite.
Met new people.
Arrived at the cabin.
Got what you needed.
Took care of yourself.
Headed out with the group.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Two DLC

Helped someone through a difficult time.
Talked to a stranger.
Left the cabin.
Found a way across the water.
Met someone on a bridge.
Made it to the ski lodge.
Settled things with a new friend.
Completed Episode 2: "A House Divided"

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Three DLC

Arrived at your new home.
Witnessed a murder.
Made it through your first day.
Committed larceny.
Got beaten down.
Invited some friends into the compound.
Gave what you got.
Completed Episode 3: "In Harm's Way"

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Four DLC

Got separated from the group.
Learned new survival skills.
Returned to the meeting place.
Reached the museum.
Found the Observation Deck.
Survived the attack.
Got back on the road.
Completed Episode 4: "Amid the Ruins"

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Five DLC

Made it out alive.
Took a breather.
Stopped for the night.
Reached the other side.
Made it through to morning.
Reached the terminus.
Found your way through.
Completed Episode 5: "No Going Back"