The UnderGarden Trophy List

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Grow your first fruit tree
Grow all the flowers on every level
Collect all the bonus flowers in the game
Pick up every musician in the game at least once
Grow 50% of plants in "Wind Surfing", "Kaboom!", "Blown Away" and "Handle With Care"
Drop a bomb on a musician
Re-bloom some flowers carrying 3 musicians at once
Hit every pollen sack in "Batteries Not Included", "Zap!" and "Into the Machine"
Complete "Grab Hold", "Watch Out, They Spit", and "Hold on Tight" in under 20 minutes
Drop a bomb on the second player in a co-op game
Clear most of the smog in the smoggy levels
Hold a musician, heavy fruit, lantern fruit, and explosive fruit while wearing red horns
Collect 17 crystals in the game