The Treasures of Montezuma 4 Trophy List

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Obtain all available trophies in game
Destroy 100 000 tokens
Release 20 gems in one combo
Gather 500 gold bars in "Slotomania" mode
Destroy 500 tokens with "Dynamite" bonus
Complete a level without using totems
Destroy 500 ice cubes in "Ice" mode
Catch 100 frogs in "Catch the Frog" mode
Use totem abilities 300 times
Collect 5 000 crystals
Destroy 60 tokens in one combo
Destroy 500 fire tokens in the "Sacred Fire" mode
Earn 10 000 coins
Activate frenzy mode 50 times
Get x8 points multiplier on crystals bar
Complete atleast one level in every game mode in "Puzzle"
Collect 100 crystals in one game
Earn rank 50
Complete "Story" mode
Get x99 points multiplier
Collect 100 pairs of fragments in "Match Pairs" mode
Make a 3-token combination with frogs on every one of them
Make a 7-token combination
Upgrade all totems in the shop up to level 4
Make a combination with total of 20 000 000 points
Gather all collectible items in "Puzzle"
Purchase all decorations for your ziggurat
Earn rank 100
Complete all levels in "Puzzle"
Complete all goals in "Quest"
Complete all levels in "Story" mode with gold