The Tenth Line Trophy List

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Acquire all other trophies.
Deal 20,000 total damage in one Attack Phase.
Conquer the Champion's Gnaw.
Complete the quest Cold Comfort.
Complete the quest Reeking Rematch.
Complete the quest The Truth.
Launch a foe in the world with an attack.
Reach a 3-digit value in all four stats on any one character.
Deal 1 million total damage.
Collect every Quad Pro Quo card.
Throw 1000 knives in battle as Rik.
Complete Chapter 1.
Complete Chapter 2.
Complete Chapter 3.
Complete Chapter 4.
Complete Chapter 5.
Win your first battle.
Win a game of Quad Pro Quo.
Carry out a super attack with a primary character.
Call in an assist character to attack.
Complete a treasure hunting quest.
Recruit every dracomage assist character.