The Talos Principle Trophy List

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You have it all!
Pass the initial checks.
Enter Elohim's temple.
Search for other lands.
Use the connectors to win a prize!
...but let's be honest, it works the same.
Pick up a star.
A little curiosity never killed the cat.
Try, fail, try again, fail again, eventually succeed.
Accept Elohim's wisdom.
Run the sand through your robot hands.
Tell the others what you think.
Use the power of air to your advantage.
Enter the Land of Faith.
That's what axes are for!
Find a Messenger's abode.
Receive guidance from Elohim's messengers.
Successfully engage in co-op mode with yourself.
Stand on your own two shoulders.
Communicate with your double.
Don't just peek. Do it.
Strike a deal.
Do as you're told (for now).
Get everything on your own.
See what the others have to say.
Expose the flaws in the code.
Do not allow the serpent to fill you with doubt.
It's not for everyone!
Restore a backup version of yourself.
Reach the top.
It is never too late to accept Elohim's forgiveness.
Bring the end of your generations.
Internalise the voice of doubt.
Collect all pieces of written information.
Listen to all she has to say.
Solve every mystery in every land, that you might aid those who walk in your footsteps.
Get your user profile.
Free Garrett.
Initiate the ascension process.
Rescue Admin from his prison cell.