The Swindle Trophy List

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Kill a guard by barging through a door
Die on a heist with 100% of the loot
Smash a crow through a window
Clear out a poor person's house on Christmas Eve
At the peak of your career, take a day out to victimise a poor person but politely shut their front door on the way out
Visit an address numbered 1138
Ghost a Bank and kill every enemy
Have £5 Million sitting in your bank account
Set off all the alarms because you're rubbish at hacking
Complete 10 successful heists with a single thief
Have a CubeBot set off a mine
[THE BANKS] Alert an enemy within 30 seconds of starting and escape with >50% cash
Complete the game without purchasing the Teleporter
Complete the game within the 100 day limit
Complete the game with your starting thief