The Silver Case Trophy List

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Completed all Silver Case trophies.
Survived the Lunatic case.
Survived the Decoyman case.
Survived the Spectrum case.
Survived the Parade case.
Survived the Kamuidrome case.
Survived the Lifecut case.
Survived the Danwa case.
Survived the White Out prologue case.
Completed the YUME investigation.
Completed the HANA investigation.
Completed the TSUKI investigation.
Completed the AI investigation.
Completed the HIKARI investigation.
Completed the YAMI investigation.
Collected the 2nd Comic Beam.
Completed the Forest exactly as ordered.
Completed HIT & BLOW in 5 or fewer attempts.
Explored the entirety of the Typhoon apartment complex.
Correctly answered all trivia questions.
Read the Mikumo village documents in order.
Collected both volumes of Kurayami Dance.
Learned about the attempt to build a 25th ward.
Talked to Red 50 times.
Let a phone ring for a long time.
Tried to travel into the past.