The Shoot Trophy List

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All Trophies Unlocked!
Achieve Gold in Haunted House Party
Achieve Gold in The Mob
Achieve Gold in Deep Perils
Achieve Gold in Robotomus Crime
Achieve Gold in Outlawed
Achieve Gold in all Movies
Complete Outlawed
Complete Haunted House Party
Complete Deep Perils
Complete The Mob
Complete Robotomus Crime
Achieve 1% of Stars
Achieve 25% of Stars
Achieve 50% of stars
Achieve 100% of Stars
Reach round 30 in Robotosphere
Score 5 home runs in a single round of Deep Strike
Shoot 6 bullseyes with 6 bullets in Ricochet Hotshot
Shoot down 99 war-balloons in City Siege
Score over 50,000 points in City Siege
Get 3 strikes in a row in Graveyard Alley
Destroy 2 skeletons with 1 ball in Graveyard Alley
Complete Studio 101
Complete 4 scenes of any movie in 2 player Score Attack
Activate Showtime 5 times on any Scene
Hit the manhole in The Mob scene 3
Shoot your first target
Shoot 5000 targets
Shoot 10000 targets
Reach a multiplier of 99
Find and complete all deleted scenes in every movie
Shoot every spy-bot and eye-bot in scene 2 of Robotomus Crime
Shoot all rockets fired at you on the subway roof in scene 2 of Robotomus Crime
In a single play through, shoot the Prom Queen in each scene of Haunted House Party
Find all Show Stoppers
Shoot 5 bags of cash in scene 2 of Outlawed
Shoot each letter of the Shoot logo
Shoot all targets during the credits
Punch 20 targets
Become a Screen Legend
Achieve 10 headshots in The Mob
Shoot 5 car tyres in The Mob
Shoot 30 treasure chests in Deep Perils
Shoot 5 jellyfish in Deep Perils