The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Trophy List

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All trophies acquired. Congratulations!
Quest "The Boar Hat" completed.
Explored the Britannian map for the first time.
Diane joined your team.
Ban joined your team.
King joined your team.
Gowther joined your team.
Merlin joined your team.
Escanor joined your team.
All Seven Deadly Sins assembled.
Meliodas awakened his demon power.
Settled things with Gilthunder.
Defeated Hendrickson after he attained the Ash Demon's power.
Defeated Albion.
Settled things with Zeldris.
Completed all main quests with "S" rank.
Completed first side quest.
Completed all side quests.
Completed all side quests with "S" rank.
Completed all errand quests.
Completed all quests in eastern Liones.
Completed all quests in western Liones.
Completed all quests in central Liones.
Completed all quests in southern Liones.
Completed all quests in northern Liones.
Completed all quests in the capital city.
Completed all quests.
Completed all quests with "S" rank.
Acquired 100% of an area's Gossip Points.
Acquired 100% of Gossip Points for all of Liones.
Found Magic Crystals on the field map 100 times.
Got a total of 100,000 Magic Crystals.
Maxed out HP for all members of the Boar Hat crew.
All combat-type Magic Items created.
All adventure-type Magic Items created.
All Boar Hat abilities enhanced.
Created a Magic Item.
Created all Magic Items.
Unlocked all characters.
Fought with a Magic Item equipped.
Used 100 magic traps.
Landed a 30-hit combo.
Won a battle with no damage.
Landed a Co-Op Attack with a partner.
Used a Special Move.
Used Special Moves for all characters.