The Playroom Trophy List

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Release ASOBI into your room.
Punch ASOBI and let him hit you back.
Make ASOBI lonely and return to him!
Play "Peek a boo" with the AR Bots.
Send an AR Bot flying against the screen.
Create a little beat routine for the AR Bots to dance to.
Turn the lights off inside the AR Bots' home.
Stay synched up and release the AR Hockey playfield.
Make a rally last more than 10 hits.
Score by using a boost attack
Splash the screen during a celebration.
Find all of THE PLAYROOM trophies.
Create and give 10 toys to the AR Bots using a companion device.
Create a toy on your companion device using at least 5 colours.
Suck up all toys using the vacuum cleaner.
Stretch the Alien's face as far as you can.
Collect one glowing piece from each of the 4 toy sets.
Dance along with your Alien Buddy and touch 7 stars.
Defeated every single enemy in the ninja course.
Completed the ninja course without getting hit.
Brought back home at least 350 coins.
Create a set using at least one object, one controller effect, one visual effect, one mask and changing background music.
Give yourself and 3 other people a mask to wear, all at the same time.
Keep pumping a balloon until it bursts.