Trophy List

The Penguins of Madagascar 100% Complete The Penguins of Madagascar 100% Complete
Collect all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies.
Mango Mania Mango Mania
Complete the "Mango Mania" level.
Party Favor Hunt Party Favor Hunt
Complete the "Party Favor Hunt" level.
Throne Piece Pursuit Throne Piece Pursuit
Complete the "Throne Piece Pursuit" level.
Party Planner Party Planner
Complete the "Party Planner" level.
Guest Quest Guest Quest
Complete the "Guest Quest" level.
Monkey Business Monkey Business
Complete the "Monkey Business" level.
Burt's Beacon Burt's Beacon
Complete the "Burt's Beacon" level.
Chameleon Catch Chameleon Catch
Complete the "Chameleon Catch" level.
Rescue Roger Rescue Roger
Complete the "Rescue Roger" level.
Mission Control Mission Control
Complete the "Mission Control" level.
Dr. Blowhole's Base Dr. Blowhole's Base
Complete the "Dr. Blowhole's Base" level.
Complete the "AWOL" level.
Asphalt Jungle Asphalt Jungle
Complete the "Asphalt Jungle" level.
Find the Robot Parts Find the Robot Parts
Complete the "Find the Robot Parts" level.
Find the Robot Parts, Part II Find the Robot Parts, Part II
Complete the "Find the Robot Parts, Part II" level.
Penguins vs. Penguins Penguins vs. Penguins
Complete the "Penguins vs. Penguins" level.
Security Breach Security Breach
Complete the "Security Breach" level.
Mission: Marlene Mission: Marlene
Complete the "Mission: Marlene" level.
Diabolical Traps Diabolical Traps
Complete the "Diabolical Traps" level.
Showdown with Dr. Blowhole Showdown with Dr. Blowhole
Complete the "Showdown with Dr. Blowhole" level.
Julien's Mango Mash Julien's Mango Mash
Complete all levels in the "Julien's Mango Mash" story.
The Crystal Staff of the Lemurkhamen The Crystal Staff of the Lemurkhamen
Complete all levels in "The Crystal Staff of the Lemurkhamen" story.
Revenge of the Robo-Penguins Revenge of the Robo-Penguins
Complete all levels in the "Revenge of the Robo-Penguins" story.
Dr. Blowhole!? Dr. Blowhole!?
Complete all levels in the "Dr. Blowhole!?" story.
Operation Complete Operation Complete
Complete all levels in The Penguins of Madagascar.
Shaved Ice Shaved Ice
Collect 1000 snowcones.
Rainbow Flavor is the Best Rainbow Flavor is the Best
Collect 5000 snowcones.
Chameleon Keeper Chameleon Keeper
Find all of the Chameleons.
Bargain Shopper Bargain Shopper
Buy every item from King Julien's Store.
King of Pins King of Pins
Bowl a 200 in Mort Bowling.
Number One Ninja Number One Ninja
Defeat a total of 1000 Ninja Pins in Ninja-Knockdown.
Shake Your Rear End Shake Your Rear End
Score a total 100,000 points in King Julien's Dance Party.